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Vacation in Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya city can be broken up into two sections; North Pattaya and South Pattaya. Most visitors to Pattaya converge on Walking Street located in southern Pattaya which is most well known for its no holds barred nightlife venues. The bright neon lights and skull jarring hip hop beats.

Thai woman (and transvestites), tugging and pulling at your shirt sleeves make you feel like you are taking a stroll inside a life sized arcade pin ball machine. Walking Street is considered the epicenter, the crust of all that is unholy and seedy in this part of Pattaya. But upon closer inspection you will find Irish pubs, various other watering holes and well established restaurants run mostly by  foreign expats.

These are places filled visitors from all over the world just sitting and chatting, without a lady sitting on their laps. Then you realize Pattaya is not just all about sex and sin.

Pattaya is about rest and recreation, the famous R&R phrase used by US soldiers from the Vietnam war era who changed the face of this once quiet seaside fishing village forever. Where once army boots pounded the streets long ago, today are being patrolled by slipper wearing backpackers and even by elderly tourist who curiously peek at the go-go dancer, who lure men in like a seasoned fisherman.

Through the years Pattaya has set her own standards and charm as one of the world’s foremost party and relaxation destinations. She may not have famous celebrities and movie stars sunning themselves on their million dollar yachts there, but Pattaya Thailand can still cast a charm on any soul beckoning them to return again and again.

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